KI Profs Help

You can do the following on this site:

  • On the home page (press "home" button or click on the logo):
    • You can search the database for German KI profs whose data contains a certain sub-string like "expert systems", "Hamburg", or "Jörg".
      Please use English terms like "expert systems" instead of German ones like "Expertensysteme" or even better "expert" because otherwise you would not find "expert system".
      Case of characters is ignored.
      For matching special German characters you can use the following transcriptions:
      • ae, a instead of ä,
      • oe, o instead of ö,
      • ue, u instead of ü,
      • ss, sz instead of ß.
    • You can send an email to the moderator of a very low-traffic mailing list. Please do not post material that is of interest also to people that do not hold an AI professorship!
      No conference announcements please!
  • On the join page:
    • If you are a German KI prof enter your data into the data base.
  • On the login page:
    • If you are already a member of the data base, you can modify your data.

About this site

The project originated in the impossibility to keep an up-to-date mailing-list of the professors in artificial intelligence in Germany which was hosted at the German Center for Artificial Intelligence, DFKI. Jörg Siekmann hence initiated the construction of an automated address book.

The software was constructed by Paul Libbrecht with the help of Martin Fuchs. The graphics-design was realized by Jasmin Schneider. The coordination and debugging was performed by Claus-Peter Wirth.

If you are interested in running a similar software, please contact us as we plan to make it Open-Source.

Last modification 16.05.2002